#Eczema Affected #Pathways

Often #laundry detergent makers advertise their detergent as “plant based”.

The term “plant based” may be misunderstood and actually capture a wide audience of unassuming, very intelligent people.

Plant extremities (feedstock), used in a process to develop many cleaners (including eco-friendly laundry detergents), for ages detergents have been made using mutative and highly corrosive acids.

Feedstock, combined with abrasive chemicals, are boiled in huge metal containers at extreme temperatures.

No longer will the plant (feedstock) share any bio association to any plant.

Laundry detergent makers often state that their detergent is plant based.

#Consumers may be using detergent chemicals that transfer from fabrics to their skin and by absorption, affect vital pathways.

Besides our clothing, a bathroom towel may carry concentrated caustic detergent residue.

In our effort to find a truly #hypoallergenic laundry detergent, we can steer you to the worlds only 100% “detergent-free”after only a “single rinse” available.

Will not irritate eczema, plus over a short time may even help reduce and or alleviate flair-ups. Aids against #baby #rash, it’s anti #itch, #chapped skin friendly and provides natural fabric softening. Preferred by physicians everywhere.

Environmental friendly organic laundry detergent, see it here.

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