Clear Skin for Long Life.

More often than not, when people die of old age it is usually led by at least a couple few years of agonizing discomfort.

A dear friend was diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). A respiratory disease. COPD can be crippling over a long period. During this time, there may be episodes of total breathing loss.

I had already joined the move to alert Americans to COPD, health risks that may increase using typical home cleaners.

Over the last year, I have candidly visited with people in the business of cleaning. Some openly shared about their work. These conversations did lend support to a common theory that cleaners may lead to long term poor health.

Researching typical home chemicals in regard to the dangers people face with them, it was apparent that bacteria (even good bacteria) ranked high of their concerns to eliminate.

Years of scare-tactic advertising could be to blame for people overly protecting against bacteria. This may be the leading cause for highly resistant bacteria today. Consumers continually use high fuming harmful indoor cleaners, like laundry detergents, convenient floor cleaners, ect.

From the toddler to old age, repeated use of irritant laundry detergents may induce immediate and or long term adverse medical problems. In fact, toxins that affect us as children, can and do go dormant in us for years and often rise up later to infect us with serious illness as adults.

Irritants may cause normal joint and or muscle ache, sight deterioration, depression, allergies and in many cases, just overall poor health. Who is it to say that some of these issues are not worse than those which cause relatively quick death?

If you asked how to improve your families health and protect your own future health from perhaps serious old age discomfort, I would say, start by changing your home environment.

Discover all natural bio-symmetric detergents and home cleaners.


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