Why the laundry rinse is important

A laundry detergent rinse will generally fail to rinse completely out.

Finding a laundry detergent that rinses 100% free of fabrics is key, as this type of laundry detergent may benefit your skin too. What’s in your detergent?

Whether powder or liquid, most detergents contain thickener. Thickener may even retain dirt after a rinse cycle.

For a thickener free agent, here is a good place to start. These will not only dispense swiftly in the wash mode, they are extremely quick to rinse 100% out.

Under normal conditions, there should be no reason to do a second rinse. Because stain removers and concentrates may further hinder the rinse, for us it is better to avoid them. Also, thickeners may contain odor retardants and fragrance to mask chemical odor.

A good first step in clothing care is to clean your washer.


Thickener agents come in many colors, including clear.


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