Make everything household emission free.

Finding the right everyday product, takes knowledge on three fronts.

  •  What household cleaning agent we allow near our skin.
  •  What enters our skin by way of hygienic creams and soaps, may affect us adversely, especially due to overuse.
  • What we eat and breathe indoors. Foods cooked in metal pans or metal pans coated with Teflon or ceramic bonding chemicals, may contaminate foods with volatile toxicity.

Everything household must be emission free.

    1. Skin absorption of laundry detergent and softener residue may disrupt human gland function and hormone stability daily.
    2. Be wise to overusing soaps and creams.
    3. Why buy organic foods, if it is to be poisoned by the cookware we use?

Here are three necessities for gaining great health.


- 1 1 1 - 1 B1 1 2

toxic-soap-ingredients-1024x679                          FryPanscb




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