About Ewashed

A Colorado Environmental Group

Ewashed began in 2011′, a natural environmental group dedicated to sharing information about household products. Introduction of everyday goods that are all too often unnecessary. Contaminates that flow from our homes, make way into the environment and poison neighborhood drinking water across America.

A topic we want to bring to surface in the coming days is about natural Bio-symmetric solutions (Hypersensitive Plant Reactors). For many, this has already lead to new and exceptional natural home living. Bio-symmetric science shows the interactive  Hypersensitive Reactor (HR), is a stand-out molecule inherent in plants, which naturally target resistant bacteria. A new hassle-free cleaning, harmless to us and the environment.

If we start with just one simple change, one product, could we make a difference? Do you know what the main contaminate in a home is?

It’s easy. We adjust our normal habits with invasive detergents and believe us, together we can quickly begin to heal sickness across this great nation.

In our up and coming blog posts, we are going to highlight wonderful paths that lead to awesome incentives toward much healthier home living.

From all of us here at Ewashed, keep watch for our new blog posts, thank you.