#Skin #Irritant Seeps Into Drinking #Water.

#Kids are vulnerable. #Grown-ups are susceptible.

Indeterminate #anxiety may flair for years.

From birth laundry detergent chemicals, particularly detergent thickeners, (made from disruptive and mutative chemicals) transfer from clothing to your skin.

Chemistry note: Surfactant is an agent of typical and or organic detergent.

  1. Mutative and hormonal-disruptive chemicals are found in both powder and liquid detergent.
  2. Detergent compounds and surfactant chemicals become one in water.
  3. Due to the thickening properties of surfactants, they are incapable of fully rinsing out of fabrics during the rinse cycle.
  4. Finally, the dried laundry (having combined detergent and surfactant), is armed and by skin absorption, may affect skin tissue first, although certain glands can be subject to early entry as well.


People regularly perspire in clothing. Moisture is an activator for many agents, which causes the volatile chemicals to enter your body and typically affect a multitude of organs.


Do you shower and then dry off with a towel carrying caustic detergent chemicals?

The #1 skin contaminate, infects pathways that lead to:

Skin allergies/eczema
Manic depression
Autoimmune dysfunction
Thyroid Issues

Let’s Keep Laundry Detergent Out Of The Water

How metabolic healing can lead to better health:

  • A good step to prevent over-exposure contamination, can be found here: Rain Laundry Detergent! The non-detergent cleaner.
  • Your Natural Grocers may stock Rain Laundry Detergent. If not, ask them to bring it in.

Chapped Skin When Feeding Your Baby

Chapped or dry skin may itch with discomfort.

Natural breast creams may help, though these type of agents may cause oily stains on your shirt.

Typically, washing clothes will leave strong detergent residue in your fabrics.

Studies show, moisture from breast seepage, may react with detergent residue and inflame breast tissue.A bra could contain substantial residue. This may lead to chapping.
As is true with most laundry detergent, washed fabrics such as clothing, will often harbor 25+VOC’s, harmful chemicals like benzine and dioxane.
If detergent residue is present while breastfeeding, this may result in heightened skin absorption.
As chemical absorption by the skin does occur, not only could your baby be effected by the surface residue, disruption to hormone pathways may occur.

Skin absorption, the #1 intake pathway may cause:

Disruption to your fetus during pregnancy, skin chapping, itch, rash and daily mood swings. It could lead to much worse conditions:

Fatigue Syndrome
Pulmonary Embolism
Addictive Behaviors
Frequent miscarriages
Bipolar or manic depression
Allergies or Multiple Sensitivities
Spina Bifida or Cleft Palate or Neural Tube Defects
Multiple Sclerosis and other Autoimmune Disorders
Hashimoto’s or Hypothyroidism (Thyroid Issues)

Symptoms can be eliminated in many cases: Residue free detergent.

Link: Organic laundry detergents + natural softener.


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When is #clean too clean? Hygene…

I probably shouldn’t share this about me

After suffering with health issues for years, I’ve actually found a better way. I bathe daily, yet now I only use skin soap once a week (except I wash hands regularly) and a small amount of shampoo, quickly rinse, 3 times a week.

Why? From birth, natural skin oils react with soap chemicals while bathing. This activity results in skin absorbed agents, causing cell tissue and finally bloodstream interaction.

Early age health could be affected, yet studies show, it is more likely this interaction will lead to debilitating joint discomfort later on in life.

Even low toxicity soaps, can be a breeding ground for disease.

The dysfunction of hormones, are always subject for concern. Protect your health and livelihood.

The good news is, for most of us, remove these absorbent chemicals and regain a healthier lifestyle. human endocrine system.

Two good ideas to begin with:

  1. Avoid clothing and linens carrying detergent chemicals.
  2. Reduce soap frequency while bathing.


How to avoid health harmful cleaners.

Typical home products with high toxicity levels include: Lye-sodium hydroxide, ammonia agents, sudsing soaps, chlorine bleach, organic ether’s or formaldehyde imbued cleaners, (even low level frequent use of bleach can lead to diseases of the lung and tooth corrosion).

Many all-purpose cleansers contain the sudsing agent’s diethanolamine (DEA) and or triethanolamine (TEA). These react to form nitrosamines – carcinogens that penetrate the skin, similar to that of “Agent Orange”.

Butyl cellosolve – used in many floor, glass and counter cleaners – (also known as 2-butoxyethanol) may incite immediate adverse exposure as well as invade one’s later-years, and should be handled with extreme caution. It can easily set into effect and cause irreversible neurotoxic conditions (damage to the brain and nervous system).

Cleaners developed by polymerization (generally odorless unless injected with fragrance) are known to cause tumors and birth defects.

Use World Class specialty cleaners that are 100% organic and or natural mineral ingredients (no surfactants, no phosphates, no benzene, no dioxane, no sudsing agents, no bleach, no ammonia, no chemical engineering or synthetic additives).1 A kid imagev


Avoid Metabolic Syndrome

Naturally avoid low #hormone & #testosterone levels.

From the womb, it may be in the fetuses blood. Following birth, perspiration and body moisture react with detergent chemicals lodged in clothing and linens. This activity is regularly absorbed by our skin which often enters the bloodstream.

As typical detergent chemicals (like benzine, dioxane) invade a persons endocrine system, early hormone issues or loss of #testosterone and libido levels may occur. Protect your health and livelihood.

The good news is, reduce detergent chemical absorption and restore healthier body function. human endocrine system.



  1. hormone
  2. testosterone
  3. metabolic syndrome
  4. dermatitis
  5. endocrine

For more on 100% detergent free rinse visit Laundry Detergent.

From birth and beyond, mental stability thrives on a neutral environment.

Grandma’s homemade laundry detergent

Mix 1/4 ounce of tiny perennial flower peddles, 1 ounce poppy-seed nutrient and 4 quarts of apple skin protein. This makes about one gallon of pure mixture. Blend together at 2000 RPMs. Strain out any solids. Put one ounce of blend into a gallon jug of purified water.

This mixture will forever keep your clothing and linings fresh and free of any detergent chemicals.

If for any reason you prefer not making laundry detergent (we surely understand), you can find Grandma’s newest homemade non laundry detergent blend here.




How an athlete can avoid early retirement.

Athletes lead physically strenuous lifestyles. Early retirement is likely. One would think, joint and bone disorders are from heavy usage.

Look at this photo below. These athletes perspire in uniforms carrying disruptive and mutative detergent chemicals.

Chemicals absorbed by your skin, may directly effect bone and joint continuity.

Many chemicals are activated by moisture: we sweat in clothing, or shower and then dry using a towel having detergent chemicals.

In-fact this entire stadium of people are likely emitting chemical fumes as they sweat: Known VOC’s like benzine and dioxane. Fumes that are: Neurological, Bone and muscle disruptive chemicals enter our bodies daily.

Use detergents that are bio-symmetric.


Make everything household emission free.

Finding the right everyday product, takes knowledge on three fronts.

  •  What household cleaning agent we allow near our skin.
  •  What enters our skin by way of hygienic creams and soaps, may affect us adversely, especially due to overuse.
  • What we eat and breathe indoors. Foods cooked in metal pans or metal pans coated with Teflon or ceramic bonding chemicals, may contaminate foods with volatile toxicity.

Everything household must be emission free.

    1. Skin absorption of laundry detergent and softener residue may disrupt human gland function and hormone stability daily.
    2. Be wise to overusing soaps and creams.
    3. Why buy organic foods, if it is to be poisoned by the cookware we use?

Here are three necessities for gaining great health.


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