When is #clean too clean? Hygene…

I probably shouldn’t share this about me

After suffering with health issues for years, I’ve actually found a better way. I bathe daily, yet now I only use skin soap once a week (except I wash hands regularly) and a small amount of shampoo, quickly rinse, 3 times a week.

Why? From birth, natural skin oils react with soap chemicals while bathing. This activity results in skin absorbed agents, causing cell tissue and finally bloodstream interaction.

Early age health could be affected, yet studies show, it is more likely this interaction will lead to debilitating joint discomfort later on in life.

Even low toxicity soaps, can be a breeding ground for disease.

The dysfunction of hormones, are always subject for concern. Protect your health and livelihood.

The good news is, for most of us, remove these absorbent chemicals and regain a healthier lifestyle. human endocrine system.

Two good ideas to begin with:

  1. Avoid clothing and linens carrying detergent chemicals.
  2. Reduce soap frequency while bathing.